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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Mission Youth Annual Chapter Fee: $300

Welcome to the Mission Youth Chapter Agreement! We are so happy to know that you want to establish a local Mission Youth team in your city. Please read the following points carefully & agree to them before signing the application below. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Mission Youth Support team: missionyouthteam@gmail.com and we will happily answer your questions. 

Membership as Mission Youth Local Chapter means:

  • There is a local Mission Youth team, established with the approval of either a local parish priest/bishop or local RC leadership (RCD, Section director, etc) 
  • This team is led by a local Mission Youth Director together with a directive team 
  • This team has regular local missions with local missionaries
  • This team has a long term evangelization plan serving a local community in a specific need
  • This team has a Mission Youth bank account (RC Activities or sub account of RC Activities) 

As a local Mission Youth Chapter, you will receive: 

  • Full coverage & support from Mission Youth National for all local missions
  • Virtual participation in the Annual Mission Youth off-site to give input into vision, goals, projects, etc. (February 11-12, 2022)
  • Recognition & promotion of its local events on the National MY website, social media platforms, etc. 
  • Page for local chapter built into Mission Youth website (so you don’t need to build you own website) or a direct link from the national page to your local website. 
  • Discounted price for all Mission Youth events (Annual Summit, store merch, national & international missions) 
  • Access to Pro Canva Account with official logos, brand kit & sample promotional materials
  • Possibility to help with national projects according to availability and expertise (financially compensated) 
  • Possible site for a Domestic Mission (local mission team serves as hosts & receives small stipend) 
  • Possible host city for the Annual Mission Youth Summit (local mission team serves as hosts & receives small stipend) 

As a local Mission Youth Chapter, you agree to: 

  • Uphold the Mission Youth identity, Code of Conduct & Safe Enviornment policies within the local chapter
  • To respect & follow Mission Youth guidelines regarding mission registration, use of the Mission Youth logo & brand as well as other indications from the national team. 
  • Share best practices & expertise with other mission leaders (participation in zoom meetings, Mission Youth summit, etc)
  • Contribute to building national Mission Youth vision & goals (virtual participation in the Mission Youth annual off-site to contribute to the overall projection) 
  • Be willing to receive missionaries or mission leaders from other cities
  • Annual & event fees to cover the common costs, goals & projects for the year

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