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Thursday, September 1, 2022



This is an application and upon approval a formal agreement between “the Institution” and “Mission Youth”, a DBA under RC Federation, Inc. a non-for-profit organization according to the Terms of Agreement explained below.  A $200 processing fee is charged with every application for International Mission Trips.


Terms of Agreement

  1. International Mission General Information
  1. Standard Mission Youth International Mission options:
    1. Haiti Missions - a minimum of 15 missionaries is required to a maximum of 30.
    2. Puebla Missions – a minimum of 15 missionaries are required to a maximum of 40.
    3. Cancun Missions – a minimum of 15 missionaries are required to a maximum of 30.
    4. Nicaragua Missions- a minimum of 15 missionaries are required to a maximum of 50. 
    5. Guatemala- a minimum of 15 missionaries are required to a maximum of 30. 
    6. Colombia- a minimum of 15 missionaries are required to a maximum of 30.
  2. Mission Roles:
    1. Mission Coordinator– the person in a leadership role who will be participating in the actual mission trip and is designated and authorized by the Institution in this agreement as the representative and liaison between the Institution and Mission Youth in all planning of the actual mission trip and is a participant in the leadership team at the mission site. The mission coordinator will get access to a dashboard where he/she can see real time information on registrations, acceptances and payments.
    2. Mission Director – a designated member of the Mission Youth national staff that works directly with the Institution in all areas of organizing before and during the mission trip.  The Mission Director is responsible for hosting the group in the organizational daily activities, formation, projects, transportation, meals and lodging throughout the actual mission trip. The mission director is responsible for the mission leadership team and for the Missionaries.
    3. Chaplain – A priest designated or approved by the Mission Youth national office to accompany the group to provide spiritual formation, sacraments, and personal accompaniment for the participants and the people the mission trip is directly serving.
    4. Missionary – A young adult age 16 and up. Missionaries need to be in good health and aware that there are many Catholic elements included in the duration of the trip. Any exceptions to the age requirement need to be approved by the Mission Youth National Director.

B.  Timeline

1.  5 months prior: The representative of the Institution (mission leader) proposes dates to Mission Youth, by filling out this online application. There is a $200 application fee that reserves your dates and enables us to begin setting up your mission. 

Most mission trips are a week long (7 nights).  Once the proposed mission location and dates are approved by Mission Youth, your mission will be listed on the national Mission Youth website and online registration will be available for your participants.   Please note: Mission Youth reserves the right to deny an applicant for any reason to ensure the stability and safety of all participants during the mission trip.  All concerns will be discussed with the Mission Coordinator.

2.   3 months prior:

  1. A minimum of at least 15 paying missionaries must have their applications submitted, processed, and paid 90 days prior to the start of the mission.
  2. The Institution is responsible for ensuring each missionary has purchased their airfare, within the time/date parameters and arrival/departure days and time frames agreed upon in advance with the Mission Youth National Office.

3.  4 weeks prior:

  1. The Institution is responsible for ensuring that all of the missionaries’ full payments are received by the Mission Youth National Office no later than 30 days prior to the start of the mission trip. If full payment is not received by this date, Mission Youth reserves the right to cancel the mission trip. (see section E. 3.a that applies in this agreement)

4.  2 weeks prior: 

  1.  The Institution will receive all the mission kits to one designated shipping address.

C.  Mission Fee and Payments

1.  The total fee for each participant in a weeklong trip is:

  1. For Puebla $695 USD ($50 application fee + $645 mission fee)
  2. For Cancun $695 USD ($50 application fee + $645 mission fee)
  3. For Guatemala $695 USD ($50 application fee + $645 mission fee)
  4. For Columbia $695 USD ($50 aplication fee+ $645 mission fee)

2.   The above stated fees include the expenses of:

  1. All lodging, local transportation, meals, mission kits and supplemental accident/injury/illness insurance (US citizens only).  
  2. Fees and airfare for the Mission Director, Chaplain, and one consecrated woman attending the trip (airfare not to surpass $700).
  3. The mission fee covers the mission expenses but does not cover any building materials for projects. The projects vary with each mission and are flexible, but there is a minimum dollar amount required to be paid by the Institution.  This cost needs to be fundraised separately. A budget for the chosen project will be developed with the Institution by the Mission Youth National Office.
    1. Puebla - $6000 (this pays for a 3-bedroom home for a family)
    2. Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua and Cancún – (mínimum of $2000)
  4. Note that mission fee does NOT include airfare for the missionaries.  All missionaries are responsible for purchasing their own airfare within the timeframe provided in the info pack.

3.  A mission kit will be provided for each participant that includes (2) Mission Youth T-shirts, a Mission Youth water bottle, a Mission Youth Field Guide, mission cross necklace, and a Mission Youth cinch bag. (Puebla missionaries will also receive a Mission Youth sweatshirt.)

D.  Process of Acceptance

  1. Each missionary can easily obtain all the information about the mission trip online (dates, cost, requirements, lodging, info. for traveling, etc.) at www.missionyouth.com.
  2. Each missionary must complete an online application form which has the following sections: Applicant information, mission information, medical information, and personal information. Each missionary must pay a non-refundable $50 USD application fee (an application will not be processed until this fee is paid).
  3. Each application is reviewed by the Mission Youth National Office and is ordinarily approved if the person meets the requirements.  If the Mission Youth team has any concerns with an application, the Mission Youth director will discuss his/her concerns with the Institution’s Mission Coordinator, yet Mission Youth reserves the right to deny an applicant for any reason to ensure the stability and safety of all participants during the mission trip.
  4. Once the application is accepted, a welcome letter, and link to the final mission fee will be sent to the applicant. The Mission Coordinator will be copied on this email.
  5. Each missionary must secure their own airfare and will be required to enter their flight information in their online account. The required arrival and departure times will be detailed in the info pack sent with the acceptance email.
  6. One week before the mission, each participant receives another e-mail with reminders: contact information in the mission site, airport pickup times, etc.
  7. During the mission trip, where internet connection is available, the Mission Director sends daily updates to the parents and friends of the missionaries.

E.  Other Considerations:

  1. If the Institution has less than 15 missionaries (for example, 2 cancelled so only 13 missionaries are scheduled for the trip), the Institution is responsible for paying $100 USD for each missionary less than 15 to ensure costs are covered. If the number drops to 10 or less participants, Mission Youth reserves the right to cancel the mission trip. (see section E. 3.a that applies in this agreement)
  2. Trip Cancellation policy (This applies as well to individual participants who may wish to cancel)
    1. 50% of the total mission fee will be charged if the cancellation occurs 30 days prior to the trip.  
    2.  If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days prior to the trip, the mission fee is non-refundable, and if not already paid in full it will still be charged to the Institution.
    3. Situations where there is serious illness or death in the family can be referred to the Mission Youth National Director and will be decided on a case by case basis working with the Institution.
    4. Mission Youth reserves the right to cancel a mission trip at any time if there are grave security concerns. This will always be done in communication and coordination with the Institution. If the mission trip is cancelled by Mission Youth before it starts, the mission fees will be refunded in full. If the mission trip has already started and needs to be abruptly finished the mission fees are not guaranteed to be refunded.

F.  Benefits of running your mission with Mission Youth:

Mission Youth organizes the mission from site scouting trips and project planning, to facilitating transportation back to the airport at the end of the mission - including all organizational and administrative aspects.

Mission Youth offers:

  • Pre-scouted sites for lodging, transportation, and projects – we have developed a good relationship with mission sites and people on the ground; we are especially familiar with local communities (security provided).
  • Collection of applications professionally online and completion of a pre-screening of the potential missionaries (working with the Institution for final approvals).
  • Professional legal documents packet (required) for all international mission participants (parental permissions, medical information, volunteer agreements with background checks, etc.)
  • Organization of the mission itinerary from airport pickup to drop off.
  • Project organization (projects, sites, transportation, and purchase of raw materials).
  • Liability insurance and supplemental accident/injury/illness insurance (for US citizens only) with proof of primary insurance provider information.
  • All lodging and meals (facility contracts, invoicing and pre-payments included in mission fee.)
  • All ground transportation to and from airport / sites / projects for mission (contracts, invoicing and payments included in mission fee.)